Friday, 14 May 2010


Check out page 19 of this week's (May 14th) edition of the Grantham Journal to see their review of Time to Kill, which they "very much recommend"!

Reviewer Marie Baker was "impressed by the convincing performances" and had praise for every member of the cast. Jo Toomey was praised for her 'spot on' portrayal of vindictive Jane, while Vicky Williamson played her character "to a tee". Our male actors, Chris and Matt, were "fantastic", while Gill Wood and Blair Martin also received plaudits for their performances.

We're thrilled to hear that Ms Baker enjoyed the production and is happy to recommend it to her readers!

There's still time to come to the theatre at the Guildhall Arts Centre and experience our play for yourself. Call 01476 406158 to book now!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Opening Night report and sneaky pics

Well, the opening night went fabulously! The set looks amazing, and the audience were kept on the edge of their seats by the cast's stunning performances. Here are a few sneak preview pics from the opening night in Grantham to whet your appetite. There's still time to grab your tickets, just call 01476 406158 to book or visit the Guildhall Arts Centre website. We're on stage at 7.30pm nightly until Saturday 15th May, so come and join us in the theatre.

Friday, 7 May 2010

New! Promoted video on Youtube

We're trying something new here at GDS, and have elevated our current video to 'Promoted Video' status on Youtube. Have you seen it yet? Check it out on Youtube!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

One Week to Go

With less than one week to go, the excitement is building among the cast and crew. Lines are learned, sets are built, the costumes are being ironed! Watching the final rehearsals this week my hair has stood on end, I've had chills and thrills, and some dark laughs too. This will be a fantastic performance!

Tickets are currently on sale from the Guildhall Arts Centre on 01476 406158 or via their website at

Keep an eye out for forthcoming coverage in the Grantham Journal!

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