Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Join us for a fabulous clothes swapping evening!

Come along to our swishing/shwopping/clothes swapping event at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 22nd February at Cafe Leo! Have fun updating your wardrobe for next to nothing, and support the Arts in Grantham at the same time. A fabulously fun evening out, come with friends and have a giggle. This event is open to all, so please invite friends and family!

How it works: bring your good condition clothes, shoes and accessories to swap. We'll also have a small stock of clothes already there. For each item you bring, you'll be given a swap token. Exchange your swap token for any item. So, if you bring 5 items, you'll get 5 swap tokens and be able to take home 5 other items.

What if you see more items you'd like than you have swap tokens? You'll be able to buy more swap tokens for a minimum donation of £1 each.

Entry: £3, including a free glass of wine and an extra free swap token! Tickets available on the door, or in advance from Cafe Leo. Wine, coffees and cupcakes will also be on sale, courtesy of Cafe Leo. We're hoping to also have a couple of crafty stalls - more info to follow.

Find us on Facebook, and share our event with your friends and family - we've set up an open event, so simply visit the page and click the 'Invite Friends' button to let everyone know about it!

Organised by Grantham Dramatic Society and hosted by Cafe Leo. We're raising money to support the running of our growing group, and to diversify with new projects. Any unswapped items will be donated to local charity shops.

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