Sunday, 22 June 2014

Open Evening and Blackadder Casting

Open Evening – Tuesday 1st July, 7.30pm

Acting on stage, dressing up like Pink Panthers, writing a new play…just a few of the things we’ve done in the last month or two!

Grantham Dramatic Society is holding an Open Evening on Tuesday 1st July from 7.30pm. It’s your relaxed, no-commitment opportunity to come and see what we get up to before casting begins for Blackadder Goes Forth.

Whether you’re simply looking for something new to do, or specifically thinking about joining a drama group, now is the perfect time. Find out more about acting, set-building, costume, hair and makeup, marketing, technical and everything else that makes a show happen!

Free drinks and nibbles will be provided - surely that's a good reason to come along!

Blackadder Goes Forth casting - Tuesday 8th, Thursday 10th, Tuesday 15th July, 7.30pm

Our November production will be Blackadder Goes Forth, on stage at the Guildhall Arts Centre from 26th to 29th November. All acting and backstage roles will be up for grabs.

Casting sessions will begin with an informal read-through of the script. We often cast newcomers so now's the time to grab your moment in the spotlight. Please attend as many casting sessions as possible to help us gauge your suitability for a role. There are lots of clips on YouTube so check them out to get a feel for the parts.

Parts available - all ages are approximate (makeup works wonders!):

  • Edmund Blackadder - playing age 20s-50s - wryly sarcastic leading male
  • Baldrick - playing age 20s to 50s - grubby, downtrodden, not too bright!
  • George - playing age 20s to 40s - enthusiastic, naive and a bit dim
  • Darling - playing age 20s to 40s - Melchett's grovelling minion, Blackadder's arch-rival
  • Melchett - playing age 30s to 60s - General, blustering and pompous
  • Field Marshall Haig - playing age 40s to 60s - cameo role, arrogant commander
  • plus approximately 3-6 further male roles TBC, mixed ages
  • Bob - playing age 18 to 30+ - female posing as a man
  • Nurse Mary - playing age 20s to 40s - hard-edged, smart, love interest 

To be considered for a part you must be available from 24th to 29th November, plus preferably the week before. You don't have to be a member to audition, but you will need to join us to take part in the production. Feel free to come to the castings even if you're only interested in backstage roles; you won't be forced to read!

All sessions will be at our rehearsal room – ‘The Green Room’ – check the map for our location

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Praise for The Pink Panther

Our cast and crew had a great time performing The Pink Panther Strikes Again - and now all the reviews are in. Extracts are shown below, just follow the links to read the whole reviews.

In their review by Judith Hawkins, the Grantham Journal said:

"...At the forefront of the action, a caper across the continent with settings in Paris, London, Bavaria, Munich and Rome, is the brilliantly idiotic Inspector Clouseau, played with aplomb (although he would say apl-oww-mb) by Steve Sale.

Plenty of laughs are to be had during the show…and Tony Lane demonstrated why he was cast as the villain with his cackling performance as Inspector Dreyfus, Clouseau’s former boss turned scheming sociopath.

Several moments of physical comedy were particularly successful, such as the unique fighting style of the Inspector’s chinese manservant Cato, the stomping tango involving a butler-come-drag queen (a literally towering turn by Paul Meakin) and a running gag with a hunchback disguse which whenever it appeared was sure to get the audience chuckling.

All in all it was a fun evening for the audience and quite clearly for the cast too, and you’re certain to be humming that famously catchy themetune on the way home."
Peter Breach of NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) said:
"...There were several outstanding performances in this action packed production, Steve Sale (as Clouseau) was most convincing as the bumbling incompetent police officer, speaking English with a French accent and always surviving his incredible foul-ups. Tony Lane (as Dreyfus) worked extremely hard as the raving lunatic. Simon Johnson (as Cato) amply demonstrated his martial arts skills. Paul Meakin showed great versatility in his various roles - his piece in drag was very funny.
The colourful costumes and the make-up assisted the players to switch roles and change into different characters; sound and lighting were used to good effect. This play contains elements of slapstick, farce and exaggerated action, all intended to appeal to one’s sense of humour. The responses of the audience clearly confirmed that this objective had been accomplished. Well done all concerned!"
"Grantham Dramatic Society made a good job of this show. Without doubt its star was Steve Sale as Clouseau. Steve is described in the programme as a stalwart of the Grantham stage - hardly surprising, given his performance in this show. He had lots and lots of lines, all spoken in with a French accent complete with deliberate mispronounciations and malapropisms, delivered with fine comic timing.

Tony Lane was a pleasingly nutty Dreyfus. In a totally natural (and funny) performance he was an excellent foil to Clouseau.

Tami Brown played the role of Olga Berriosiva with relish - she clearly enjoyed her part as the special agent who finds it so hard to make a choice between her duty (to kill Clouseau) and her love for the detective.

…The Pink Panther Strikes Again is an unusual, interesting and very funny show. On the whole, I thought the Grantham Dramatic Society did the show proud!"