Thursday, 22 June 2017

Interested in joining? Come to our Open Afternoon

Have you been thinking about joining us? Well, now is the perfect time!

Haven't thought about joining us at all, but now thinking it might be fun? Now is STILL the perfect time!

We will soon start to cast and begin working on our next show, which will be The Ladykillers. To give you the chance to find out more about the group and the different things we do, we're holding an Open Afternoon.

Join us on Saturday 1st July from 2pm to 6pm at our rehearsal room, 'The Green Room'. We'll have interactive displays about the various aspects of putting on a production, lots of our members on hand to answer all your questions, and free refreshments.

There are lots of elements that go into making a show happen as well as acting, but it's all about teamwork and getting creative.

Acting is one obvious thing we do, but putting on a show takes a lot more than the actors on the stage. If you want to learn something new or you have skills to share, see if anything below appeals to you:

  • Costume - Everything the actors wear helps communicate who the character is
  • Hair and Makeup - From a retro updo to a slick man's style, these aspects tell you a lot about the character and the period
  • Props - Bit of a bargain hunter or a dab hand at arts and crafts? Everything that goes on stage has to be found or made within a tight budget.
  • Set Design and Build - You could try your hand at carpentry or share your brilliant DIY skills
  • Producer and Stage Manager - These roles need good organisation and the ability to deal with people - sounds like you?
  • Marketing - We have to tell everyone about the show, and spread the word with posters, leaflets and social media
  • Graphic Design - Well, someone has to design those posters - and the programme too!
  • Front of House - If you like dealing with people this is a great role for you, selling raffle tickets and programmes, and helping people get in the mood
  • Prompt - Essential team member who monitors the script and helps the actors keep on track
  • Photography and Video - We do a photoshoot to help promote shows, and sometimes make a promotional video
  • Light and Sound - Find, create and plan sound effects, and design lighting effects with the Guildhall team
Plus we always need general helpers, people to read in when actors are away, set painters and more.

Got any questions? Come along to the Open Afternoon or contact

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