Casting Auditions for Bleak Expectations

Bleak Expectations

Following our June production of ‘Clue’, Grantham Dramatic Society is delighted to announce that our next production will be current West End show ‘Bleak Expectations’.

Director Rosemary Gibson said: “This show is a delight, it’s light-hearted and a bit silly, and has been described as having the feel of Monty Python or Blackadder. Based on a BBC Radio 4 comedy series, it lovingly parodies Charles Dickens, complete with extravagant names, quintessentially British reactions to disaster and heart-fluttering romance.”
We encourage people to come to at least two casting sessions so we can get a good idea of which role they’d be best suited to. The first two sessions on Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20 July will be round-table read throughs, while the second two sessions on Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 July will be more active with people being asked to read different scenes in small groups. All sessions start at 7.30pm.
We always welcome new members to the group, and the start of a new production is the perfect time, both for people who want to act and those who’d like to be part of the show backstage. Putting on a play is a huge team effort, and everyone who wants to get stuck in is a valuable part of that team.

Auditions will take place at Grantham Dramatic Society’s rehearsal venue at the rear of 85 Westgate. There is an entrance on Westgate to the right of Petticoat’s Tea Room, or parking is available at the rear, accessed from Greyfriars.

The show has a variety of characters of differing ages but with lots of potential for doubling.

  • SIR PHILLIP BIN – Narrator. The richest man in England, the inventor of the rubbish bin and England’s most celebrated author. This part can be read from a book onstage. 
  • AGNES BIN – The mother of PIP, PIPPA and POPPY who goes mad after her husband’s death. 
  • THOMAS BIN – The father of PIP, PIPPA and POPPY who dies early in the play, with a reprise as a ghost. 
  • PIP BIN – The main protagonist, and youngSIR PHILLIP BIN. Pip’s dramatic rising and falling in fortune, safety and security are the subject of this story. 
  • PIPPA BIN – Pip’s eldest sister. An intelligent and passionate woman who pursues charitable causes and believes in feminism, although constrained by the time period. 
  • POPPY BIN – Pip’s other sister, who dies from cold early in the play. 
  • SKINFLINT PARSIMONIOUS – Ironically an extremely generous and giving soul, THOMAS BIN’s dearest friend and business advisor. 
  • GENTLY BENEVOLENT – Pip’s former guardian and his personal nemesis. Very evil, his plans are designed to make Pip as miserable as possible. 
  • FLORA DIES-EARLY – Pip’s first wife who (shockingly) dies early. 
  • HARRY BISCUIT – Pip’s best friend – impressively loyal, brave and cheerful, although quite dim. 
  • BAKEWELL HAVERTWITCH – An escaped convict. 
  • BROADLY FECUND – A priest who helps Pip.
  • RIPELY FECUND – BROADLY’s daughter and future wife of Pip, although he is originally led to believe she is ugly. 

We hope to see you at the auditions!!