2023 - Clue


Production Overview

Opens: 7th June 2023
Closes: 10th June 2023
Venue: Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham
Director: Mark Brown, Jo Toomey, Nicki McKay

Production Synopsis

Production Cast and Creatives


Wadsworth - John Foulkes-Jones Mr Boddy - Daniele Petruzzo Colonel Mustard - Kirk Bowett Mrs Peacock - Laura Wilkinson Professor Plum - James Bell Mrs White - Helen Pack Mr Green - Paul Meakin Miss Scarlet - Katie Adcock Yvette - Sophie Read Cook and Cop - Paige Perry Chief of Police and Motorist - Mark Brown Police Officers - Paige Perry, Daniele Petruzzo,


Producer - Gemma Dove Stage Manager - Nick Elliott Deputy Stage Manager - Alan Betton Sound and Lighting - Matt Wilson Set Design and Build - Tom McKay Prompt - Sue Taylor Programme - Tom McKay Hair and Makeup - Laura Wilkinson Marketing - Helen Pack Front of House Manager - Joy Wilson Props - Rosemary Gibson and Sophie Read Costumes - Rosemary Gibson