2022 - The Good Life

The Good Life

Production Overview

Opens: 16th November 2022
Closes: 19th November 2022
Venue: Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham
Director: Rosemary Gibson & Nick Elliott

Production Synopsis

“We do live on a planet. A planet that we need to look after.”

When Tom and Barbara Good decide to rebel against their mundane, conventional lives, going self-sufficient in the suburbs promises them a slice of ‘The Good Life’.

In contrast to the down-to-earth Goods, their socially ambitious neighbours Margo and Jerry Leadbetter’s ‘good life’ comes from money and status. Margo works particularly hard to maintain their upper-middle-class standards despite living next door to Tom and Barbara’s eccentric urban farm.

The Goods’ sustainable lifestyle is as relevant now as it was in the original 1970s sitcom, so whether you’re nostalgic for the original or new to the story, you’ll find plenty to entertain in this production.

Grantham Dramatic Society’s interpretation of this new adaptation draws on our own home-grown talent to bring the Goods, Leadbetters and friends to life. The team look forward to gathering a bountiful crop of chuckles from the audience.

Production Cast and Creatives


Tom Good - Kirk
Barbara Good - Gemma Dove
Margo Leadbetter - Helen Pack
Jerry Leadbetter - Paul Dexter
Andrew Ferguson (Sir) - Gus Sparrow
Pigwoman - Izabella Lopez
Policeman - Matthew Brookes
Dr Jo - Jo Toomey
Felicity Ferguson - Laura Wilkinson
Margaret the Secretary - Jo Toomey
Milkwoman - Izabella Lopez
Mary The Receptionist - Paige Perry


Co-Directors - Rosemary Gibson & Nick Elliott
Producer - Victoria Dexter & Nick Elliott
Stage Manager - Alan Betton
Props Manager - Joy Wilson
Costume Designer - Victoria Dexter
Set Designer - Tom McKay
Sound and Lighting Design - Nick Elliott & Alan Betton
Sound and Lighting Operation - Laura Short & Sean Watterson
Hair and Makeup - Laura Wilkinson