Production History


The Case Of The Frightened Lady

Nothing But The Truth

When Knights Were Bold

Ten Little Niggers

The Midshipmaid

A Murder Has Been Arranged

The Blue Goose

The Bat

Banana Ridge


The Shop at Sly Corner

See How They Run

The Man From The Ministry


Home at Seven


Queen Elizabeth Slept Here

The Hollow

The White Sheep of the Family

A Lady Mislaid

Mate in Three

On Monday Next

Open Verdict

Waters on the Moon

Suspicion (1 Act)

Beside the Seaside

Fools Rush In

Count Your Blessings

Birthday Honours


Separate Tables

The Rising Generation

A Month of Sundays

Someone Waiting

The Brides of March

Time To Kill

Sit Down a Minute Adrian

The More The Merrier

Book of The Month

They Came To A City

Two Dozen Red Roses

Odgson’s Bill

The House By The Lake

A Lady Mislaid

Missing Believed Married

The Sound of Murder

Four in Hand

The Chalk Garden

Bell, Book and Candle

Bell, Book and Candle

No Time For Fig Leaves

The Lady’s Not For Burning

The Happy Marriage

Don’t Utter a Note

Sleeping Partnership


Murder for the Asking


Trap For The Lonely Man

Breath of Spring


Murder Mistaken


Arsenic & Old Lace

Midsummer Mink

The Wizard of Oz

Murder In Company

The Sleeping Beauty

Crown Matrimonial


I’ll Get My Man

Shut Your Eyes & Think of England

End of The Honeymoon

Careful Rapture

As Short As Any Dream

Little Secrets

The Ghost Train

Find The Lady

The Bounder, Only When I Laugh

Duty Free

Timothy Tappitt & His Magic Hammer

The Wizard of Oz

Move Over Mrs Markham

Bedroom Farce

Key For Two

There Goes The Bride

Not Now Darling

Keeping Down with the Joneses


Stand By Your Bedouin

Stepping Out

Mr Macaroni & The Exploding Pizza Pie

Two and Two Makes Sex

Local Affairs

Wife Begins at 40

Move Over Mrs Markham

A Chorus of Disapproval

Run for Your Wife

No Sex Please, We’re British

Out of Order

Postman’s Knock

When Did you Last See Your Trousers?

One for the Road

Fur Coat and No Knickers

Time To Kill

Educating Rita

Noises Off

Time of my Life

Straight and Narrow

Shirley Valentine

A Night Out

Cash on Delivery


Lucky Sods

The Opposite Sex

Don’t Dress for Dinner

Nobody’s Perfect

Respecting Your Piers

Round and Round the Garden

Laying the Ghost

Witham Luvvies

Communicating Doors

Comic Potential

How’s the World Treating You?

Holiday Snap!


Bedroom Farce

Allo ‘Allo



Fawlty Towers

Don’t Dress for Dinner

Open Wide

Nobody’s Perfect

Are You Being Served?