Historic England Programme

Published: Wednesday 28th July 2021

Heritage activities have traditionally been a great way for people to get involved, learn about their local history and to try their hand at something outside of a main theatre production.  

For people who don’t want to necessarily get involved in a full production – they’re a great way of testing the water and building confidence. They also provide a brilliant opportunity to engage audiences who don’t necessarily attend theatre performances. 

Historic England programme 

Grantham Dramatic Society has been fortunate to secure some Historic England funding to develop a Heritage Walks programme in town. We’ve scoped the route and characters, and now keen to start casting for the first walk. We’d really like as many people from other societies to be involved as possible. 
How you can get involved… 
The list of potential roles/characters can be viewed by clicking on the link below: 

Heritage Walks Casting 

This provides a short summary of the roles/characters and opportunity for you to register your interest in taking on the part(s) that interest you. Please do feel free to tick as many as you like.  

We will be holding a Heritage Walks meeting on Tuesday 3rd August at 7pm, starting at the GDS Green Room at R/O 85 Westgate followed by a recce of the walk route.At the meeting we’ll be happy to explain more about what’s involved, the level of commitment expected and answer any questions people might and the other walk programs the society is leading on. 

We hope you’re able to get involved, if you do please fill in the below form! 

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